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Tilak Dhari P.G. College, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh / About Us / History


About College Tilak Dhari College is one of the premier institutions of not only Uttar Pradesh but also in India. It has about 200 well qualified teachers. Almost all of them are Ph.D,many of them are working on minor and major projects sanctioned by various funding agencies.Some of them have been on academic assignments abroad.About 70% of them are engaged in research work in various departments. Many of them have contributed articles and research papers to national and international journals.

There are upwards of 12 thousands students in this college. It is known for its innovative methods of teaching and the quality of its research work. It has been the recepient of a prestigious award given by state government for the best performance in all respect. Most of its alumni are representing it in different fields not only in the country but also abroad.

The college was originaly founded as an English Middle School in 1914 by Sri Tilak Dhari Singh. Mr Singh was the first graduate in this district of his community.It was recognised as Kshatriya High School in 1916. It Became an Inermediate in 1940. It acquired the status of of a Degree College in July 1947 in affiliation to AgraUniversity. It’s affiliation shifted to Gorakhpur University in 1956. It got the status of Post Graduation in 1970 after a long drawn protest led by then principal Sri H N Singh.

The college is situated at a distance of 4 Kilometers from Jaunpur Junction and about 2.5 Kilometers from Jaunpur City Station. It is 300 meters away from the Roadways Depot. It is thus well connected with Rail and roads.


Mission and vision of the institution is to achieve the purpose of education as described by Swami Vivekananda ji. He said “education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in a man”

  • To uphold highest ethical standard in the conduct of our profession.
  • To inculcate moral and spiritual values among students
  • To build lasting relationship with students based on trust and mutual regards
  • To create and nurture a culture that supports flexibility and adaptability
  • To ensure optimum utilization of resources in teaching and research
  • To maximize the use of ICT in teaching, research and extension
  • To constantly strive to make the campus eco-friendly


TDPG College makes all efforts to fulfill following objectives:

  • To produce rational human beings so that serious issues like- inflation, corruption and unemployment, facing the country can be effectively addressed.
  • To produce society friendly people, nation friendly citizens and eco-friendly persons through extra-curricular activities like- NCC, NSS, Sports and Rovers/Rangers.
  • To help students appreciate difference between mere satisfaction and real happiness. In other words we try to maintain proper balance between material and spiritual well being through motivational lectures, training courses, yoga camps and workshops.
  • To promote the employability and make the students more corporate friendly as per need of the new international economic order soft skill programmes, to enhance communicational skill, positive and scientific attitude and adaptability, being run in collaboration with Reliance (LEAP).
  • To produce such honest and dutiful citizens as have full faith in God, Nation and Religion.